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How To Succeed At Franchising

We take the guesswork out of choosing a franchise by using a scientific methodology to help you with your choices of franchise concepts. In the old days, and some consultants and Brokers are stuck in the old days, a potential franchisee would basically throw a dart and see where it stuck. This is how it was when picking the right franchise business for you. Not anymore.

We subscribe to a Business Assessment Tool that uses meta-analysis insights to help match you with a franchise business for sale. You may ask if this is a personality test and the answer is that it is not. Our tools integrate the research and are scientifically proven to be extremely accurate.

The tools used are proven models from some of the biggest names in scientific research:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Dr. Daniel Goleman
  • Core Competencies: Gallup
  • Work Style: UC Berkeley
  • Culture: Harvard Business School
  • Stages & Growth: Caruth Institute
  • Values & Motives: Dr. Clare Graves

How Does It Work?

It seems harder than it really is because there are so many customizations in the meta-analysis, but in reality, you take a short 10-minute quiz that is all multiple choice. Some people are hesitant to do this, but I will guarantee you that it will be the best tool in your war chest. If you are serious about choosing the right franchise business and want all the right strategies aligned in your favor, I urge you to take this simple quiz. It is free for my clients and you will learn a lot about yourself.

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