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The 6 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask

If you want to purchase a Franchise these are the 6 questions you want to always ask. After all, buying a franchise business is all about you. Ready?

  • How much does it cost?
    I will help you with financing if you qualify, but determine how much liquid capital you have to invest. I will help you with this by discussing budgeting; leasing costs and start-up costs.
  • How much can I make?

    Every business has a ramp-up period before it begins to break even, and then begins to make money. I am going to show you where to find that information based on past results.

  • How quickly can I make it?

    Every Franchisor is required to produce a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)which points out financial information. We are going to look at that information together.

  • What are other people saying about this franchise?

    Does this franchise match your values? Does the way it conducts its business resonate with you? Do you want o be a part of the culture and share in the core values of the franchisor?

  • How am I going to be supported?

    How much support will the Franchisor give you after they accept your Franchise Fee? Do they offer enough training to help you to succeed? Will they listen to your ideas and input? I am going to help you to ask the right questions to make sure you are the right fit in the franchisors organization.

  • Can I see myself doing this?

    As we discuss franchise opportunities, I will help you determine if this is the right fit for you. With a thorough business assessment, I can uncover strengths and weaknesses that will aid you in your search for the perfect franchise.