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As a Franchise Broker or as a Restaurant Broker, I believe what you do matters. To me, it matters that my clients are satisfied with my representation and because this matters to me, I have a long line of past and present customers who have eagerly agreed to leave me feedback. Many of them have appeared (for free) in promotional videos in order to help me to continue to build my business. I would like very much to add you to this list so please contact me if you are looking for a franchise or business to sell or buy.

“He was always there. Competent and he works well with buyers as well as sellers. Somehow, he could just make things happen when others couldn’t. It was the best experience working with Chuck.”
Joel Bishop, Quench Bar.

“I felt like I trusted him right away, even though I was pretty rude to him when I fist met him. He just smiled and told me, I like You. He sold my restaurant and from start to finish everything got done. His attention to detail is amazing and he carries a portable printer with him so he gets these deals done like right now. Chuck was great and we are good friends today.”
Alicia Gomez, Los Altos Mexican Grill.

“Chuck just exudes trust and as a woman in an industry dominated by men, he never once made me feel as though my opinion didn’t matter. And I didn’t even have any experience in the restaurant business, but Chuck helped me every step because reaching my dream was important to him. Chuck was amazing.”
Ximoria Hall, Tropical Island BBQ.

“Chuck is a doer and not everybody is like that. Somehow, he knows what concept is right for the buyer and will never put someone in a business where he knows they will fail. It’s his own personal ethic. He helped me write a lease and most Brokers can’t even read and understand a Lease. He is something-honest, straightforward and he just makes it happen.”
Matthew Tinnes, Vintage Steakhouse.

“Man, that guy was always with me along the way. He helped me to understand the numbers, explained everything to me and I could tell he really was concerned about me making money. It wasn’t just a sale to him.”
Max Zahir, Celebrities Sports Grill.

“I knew Chuck when I wanted to buy a fast casual restaurant he was selling, but we decided not to buy. They several years later we wanted to sell our Mexican Food restaurant and it was a no-brainer, we called Chuck. Of course he sold it. He is very knowledgeable and is 100% honest. Always there dealing with everyone from the Landlord to the buyer. It was something.”
Stuart Clarke, Las Montanas

“Thank you Chuck. You were great to work with. I like my restaurant and me and my family are 100% happy.”
Eddie Leon, Las Brisas

“Dealing with Chuck was so different than dealing with others. He talked the talk, but in the end he delivered and did everything he said he was going to do. What a guy. I am still referring him to people who want to buy or sell.”
Terry Ubl, IRCP

“I’ve been a restaurant consultant for 52 years. I have sold bars, restaurants, franchises and everything you can think of in the food sector. I’ve met a lot of Brokers in my time, but Chuck is different. He told me once he didn’t care about making money, just wanted to make good things happen for other people. How’s that for a business philosophy?”
Ted Desmet, Restaurant Consultant.

“The best thing about Chuck is his attention to detail. And another thing that made me feel really great was when we were all done he felt more like a friend than a business consultant. It was so important to me to have someone I could trust.”
John Darby, Darby’s American Sports Bar

“I sold my Subway and I have to say, Chuck is very detailed. He wanted to know all the numbers and what they meant so he could explain them to me. He talked about how I could increase my profit. Lower food costs, decrease payroll. You need a Broker who knows what he is doing and Chuck will be my friend forever. How about that?”
Ahmet Karabas, Karabas Enterprises

“I think a lot of Brokers tell you what you want to hear and I expected that, but everything Chuck told us, he delivered. Marketing, price, the right buyer and the price we wanted. He had really good follow-up, great attention to detail and he’s one of those few guys who can get it done. I would say anybody looking to buy or sell should talk to him.”
Shannon Illinsworth, AVT INC

“He sold our restaurant and he was so good. He was personable, stopped in our office just to see if we had questions and to let us know what the next step was going to be so we never had to guess or wonder. Like I said he’s really personable and a really nice person. I look back and he was able to separate business from being a friend. It was really nice.”
Natalie Russell, Jalapenos