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Starting Your Own Franchise

What to expect as you enter a new world

Since the 2008 recession began, I have seen thousands of people leaving the workforce and entering the world of franchise ownership. Very few people I’ve sold businesses to or consulted with have had experience in the franchise they eventually purchased.

One lady, Linda, in her mid 40’s and an employee of a large bank for fourteen years, saw the writing on the wall and bailed before she was asked to.

“They were cutting my department on a daily basis.” She told me. “It was just a matter of time before my number came up.”

Though Linda had no experience owning a franchise, she shared the same determination all business owners have in common.

They are motivated to make a move in their lives. Whether divorce, the economy or an illness, Linda shared this common trait and she was ready to make a move.

Not just any move though. People who are motivated to change at the midpoint in their lives are more careful.

Said Linda, “I gave that bank the best years of my life and now I want to give myself the same opportunity.”

Linda was not only motivated for a change of direction, but she wanted careful change. She wanted quality of life in the workplace and she was determined to carve out her dream in a complex world full of obstacles.

She needed a Franchise Broker, someone who will walk her through the ten steps necessary to find her quality of life. A qualified Franchise Consultant won’t simply guess as he or she helps determine the best business for you. They will use science and their vast business experience to place you in the right franchise concept.

Making sure Linda’s core values matched the business model she held was an important step in determining her future. Is it important to you? If you haven’t thought about this major step of the process, you should because happiness will be dependent on making the right choice for both you and for your family.

Call Franchise Brokers Inc. and let us show you our systematic approach as we walk you through the world of a franchise purchase.

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