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International Clients E-2 Visa

Franchise Brokers Inc works with International Clients looking to open a Franchise Business while obtaining various Visa’s. The most popular being the E-2 Visa.

Our organization has experience working with attorneys as well as Franchisors who have the means to assist international clients with both the visa as well as the process of purchasing various business models.

Here’s what you will need to consider and have answers for when you contact us about your request for purchasing a franchise business with an E-2 Visa:

1. Where is your country of origin?

2. Do you have citizenship in more than one country?

3. Are you already working with an attorney?

4. Do you plan to live in the United States?

5. Where specifically do you plan to live-which City, State?

6. Do you have any family members?

7. Will family members be moving with you?

8. How much money do you plan to invest?

If you qualify, we will show you opportunities in markets that are already established. We are not interested in you having to learn more than is necessary in order to make money and live your dream life, therefore Franchise Concepts with the best opportunity for your success are ones already established.

You will need income to support at least two people and we will focus on income streams that match these characteristics. Call or email us about your intentions.

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