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Do I qualify to buy a franchise?

If you are considering buying a franchise you need to know the expectations that will be required of you. You will be qualified and awarded a franchise based on many factors.

History and Experience
As part of our service, we use a business assessment tool that has been proven by science to reveal traits about your business personality. After all, if you were allergic to dogs you wouldn’t want to own a pet salon franchise. How about retail? If you don’t like dealing with the general public, you are not going to be interested in a franchise that involves greeting the public.

Your history, experience and background will tell a lot about your strengths and desires. We use this knowledge plus our business assessment tools to create a profile that will best match the business model and values of a franchisor. And franchisors trust us to know the right fit.

A Franchisor wants candidates who have a proven record of financial stability, but they are people too and they understand that everybody has rough times in their lives. Do you have a bankruptcy or is your credit score below average? There could be good reasons for this and we will help you on a case by case basis with both the Franchisor and if necessary, your new Landlord.

Franchisors are generally looking for a qualified candidate to act within a six-month time frame. If you are still deciding on the next step in your life, then it may be best to narrow down your decision and once committed to working with us, through the process, we will begin helping you to evaluate possible Franchises that will fit your needs.

Although financing is available through many sources, you need a minimum of $30,000 in capital to invest in a business. Anything less will not make you a qualified candidate.