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Choosing The Right Franchise

After you make the decision to buy a franchise, the time soon comes when you have to narrow down your choices as to the right franchise concept.

This is where a Franchise Broker is essential in helping you sift through the hundreds of choices available. A good Franchise Broker will not only have good knowledge about the various franchises available, but this Broker will also have a set process for evaluating you as a franchisee. How does this work?

Franchise Brokers Inc. uses a scientific program called Zoracle. Much like forensic detectives, Zoracle provides an intuitive and accurate profile and condenses it into a report appropriately named SPOT ON. It also predicts business success and assists the Franchise Broker with matching the franchisee with the right franchisor.

The brief multiple-choice questionnaire is simple and takes all of 15 minutes to complete, but the science behind it is solid. Some people ask me if it is a personality test, but these are poor indicators of performance as they measure characteristics that will remain constant throughout the lifetime of the person. As people change, they develop and this is the main limitation of a personality test.

Zoracle integrates the research and science of values and motives as well as addressing work style and core competencies. It also provides a clear indicator of emotional intelligence, culture and provides an assessment of stages of growth.

If this sounds complicated, it is, but think about the benefit of knowing some of this information about you. Not only can a Franchise Broker help you get into the right franchise system, but the insight the testing provides will also match your values with those of the Franchisor.

If being kind to animals is an important value in your life, why would a Franchise Broker match you up with a Fast Food restaurant that doesn’t care where their food is sourced? Likewise, if going green in an important aspect of your personality, wouldn’t you want to be associated with a franchise that also values how they utilize their resources?

If your Franchise consultant doesn’t have a way of measuring your strengths and weaknesses as well as determining what is important to you, it is time to move on to a Broker who knows what they are doing!

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