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Can You Choose a Franchise By Yourself?

Many people simply are not realistic when it comes to self-assessment and choosing the right Franchise. Are you one of them?

Chances are that you are probably as confused about the right choice as everybody else. This is why we bring science into the critical self-assessment phase of choosing the right franchise concept.

And it really has very little to do with the fact that you would rather serve ice cream or pizza, if you would rather work with homeowners or blow-drying someone’s hair. Serious?

You may have a preference, however a self-assessment tool will provide information that will help me to best match you with the right Franchisor. Let me explain.

If your core values are focused on a hands-on business and long-term relationships, you are probably going to be at the business everyday, working with customers and making sure of their satisfaction. Why then would a Franchise Consultant try to match you with a franchise that is known for cutting edge innovation with an absentee owner at the helm?

On the other hand, if you are concerned with inspiring change as it relates to the world or individuals, why would a Franchise Consultant try to match you with a business driven purely by profit?

At Franchise Brokers Inc., we take pride knowing who you are and what your core values are and only when we understand these attributes of what makes the world right with you, only then will we try to match you with a franchise business that fits what’s most important to you.

Franchise Brokers are not the same as Franchise Consultants. Our principle is a licensed Real Estate Broker who also sells business opportunities and we understand what type of people fit into the many different types of franchise opportunities available.

If your Franchise Consultant is not taking the time to do business assessment testing, then how will they know what is right for you? How will they understand your values and what is really important in your life?

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