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Benefits of Using an FBI Broker

AFranchisorwhochoosesto work with a Franchise Brokerisentering into a business partnership.What Does this Business Partnership Need to Succeed?

  • Financially qualified and interested clients
  • Definedprocessandrolesthatbothpartiesplay
  • Fulldisclosureoftheclients’needs,goals,andexpectations
  • UnderstandingtheimportanceofaFranchiseBrokerintheprocess
  • FranchisorconfidenceinBrokerabilities

We believe our Franchise Brokers are the best in the world! Why? Because we train them to be that way! We provide unparalleled support, tools, and resources, so our Franchise Brokers are equipped to bestserve the needs of their candidates and YOU!

What Does an FBA Broker Do?

  • Completes a thorough interview
  • CompletesaProfilewithpersonalityassessment
  • Fundableprospectinprocess
  • FreeFranchiseAttorneyConsultation
  • UtilizesabusinessfriendlyCPAintheprocess
  • Assistsprospectwithvalidationcalls
  • Expectstoassistwithnecessarymediation
  • Willworkwiththefranchisortogetadealdone!

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