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About Us

Let’s discuss for a minute the services we provide in helping you to discover your dream franchise.

1. I am a member of both the Franchise Brokers Association and the International Business Brokers Association. Part of my membership is a qualification process and it also includes mandatory classes in order to keep my membership and designations current.

2. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker. Many Franchise Brokers have never sold a business or negotiated a lease much less valued a business. I have done all of these things and have been doing this type of work for 10 plus years.

3. I have a systematic approach to finding the right match with your needs and desires. It involves a thorough business assessment and a discussion on how to implement your profile into the right franchise. I also study the market and point out trends that will be important to your success.

4. With years of business experience, both as an owner and as a Business Broker, I can provide insight and advise from a professional perspective, which does not just rely on marketing and sales brochures.

5. I provide an understanding about the prospective company’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Many sales people have no idea how to read these documents or how to interpret the information they contain.

6. I provide my clients with an hour of complimentary professional consultation from an attorney that specializes in franchises as well as a complimentary consultation from an accountant familiar with franchisors and their Profit and Loss Statements (P&L).

7. All of these services are offered at no cost the prospect that engages me to represent them and agrees to follow my process in their quest for the right franchise purchase. My fees are paid through the Marketing Fund from the Franchisors. There are never any added costs to the prospect.

About Chuck

Chuck has 35 years of experience in running and managing companies. After college he started a steel company and grew it into a multi million-dollar business by building fast track retail outlets throughout the west coast. His clients included the biggest names in retail. Among them: Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Kmart. After a short retirement, he realized the lure of business and real estate had a hold on him. His quest lead him to partner with CMA Capital Funding, a commercial brokerage house where he provided short and long term financing for investors and business owners. To further his education, Chuck has undertaken & completed the rigorous requirements necessary to earn the title of Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) issued by the International Business Brokers Association. His passion lead him to representing clients who have a desire to own franchises and partner with The Franchise Brokers Association. When he’s not selling restaurants or franchises, Chuck is working on his Family Foundation and using his public speaking skills to enhance the lives of others. His love and understanding of business, finance & food makes him a natural in brokering and representing business owners. Watch this video to see what his clients are saying about him.

Chuck’s non profit Foundation is here
Chuck holds a California Brokers License # 01899280.

Do You Want a Franchise Business?

You want to change careers and are looking for a franchise business to call your own. Perhaps it’s one of many franchise opportunities. Where do you start? And more importantly, whom do you trust? Who can guide you through starting a business? It almost seems overwhelming with so many franchises for sale.

If you are reading this message it’s your lucky day because you have found one of the most professional, highly regarded franchise brokers in the industry. Chuck Machado.

Chuck is the president of Franchise Brokers Inc. He knows that you are looking for a lifestyle. Something proven so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Chuck knows how to place the right franchisee into the right franchise business because he is also a licensed business broker (CA).

Chuck has been selling businesses over ten years and before that, with his own business, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the business world. Home Depot. Wal-Mart. K-Mart. And his passion is small business. That’s how he grew up. At his fathers side in the family business.

You need someone on your side when looking into franchise opportunities and someone to help you as you begin this new venture in life. After all, it’s not just your dream-it impacts your family, so you owe it to yourself to get the best team in place.

Here’s what Chuck can offer to you and it’s all free (the franchisor pays his fee through their marketing fund):

  • A one-hour session with his franchise attorney
  • A one-hour session with his franchise accountant
  • A business assessment of your strengths as he pairs you with the right concept.
  • A review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (The FDD)
  • A review of the Franchisor’s Financial Strength.
  • Research of Marketing & Competitors in your area.

Knowing these resources are available to you, why would you not use Chuck to guide you through this giant step in your life?